How to choose the right stun gun: tips and advice on the most important parameters

Due to high efficiency and the ability to choose a model for the given characteristics, stun gun have become especially popular today. Their relevance is explained by a combination of such important parameters as a sufficient size of an electric discharge that can quickly neutralize even a physically strong man and an aggressive dog, democratic value and usability: the ergonomics of the shape of the body of such a device allows it to be held firmly in his hand. And today we will tell you how to choose how to choose a stun gun, which product is better on reviews, whether and where to buy a self-defense flashlight with an stun gun, or this function is not so important.

How to choose the right stun gun

The numerous stun gun models offered today and the variety of their characteristics can make choice difficult. After all, for everyone who has already thought about the need to purchase a device that provides security for themselves and their loved ones, different performance indicators of such devices are important.

  • And answering the question, how to choose an stun gun, you should first analyze the most popular models by the available characteristics.
  • Also very good is the analysis of the feedback of the owners of such devices, made on the basis of their application.

Modern models of stun guns are characterized by the possibility of using them as devices that act by electric discharge of serious power on the attacker without causing serious damage to his health and possessing some additional capabilities.

And in order to choose the right model, you should answer yourself to a number of questions that will help you to decide on the most optimal version of the stun gun. Such questions include the following:

  • how much power will it take?
  • dimensions – the combination of length and diameter depends on the mass of the device. More powerful models even look more frightening, but they are hard enough to hold in their hands and carry – they can not always fit in a small handbag;
  • availability of additional features – some modern models of stun guns are equipped with a flashlight with several modes, which allows to further influence the attacker: to dazzle and attract the attention of others;
  • value – this indicator has a significant effect on purchasing power, it often determines the purchase of a particular model of the stun gun.

And for such a purchase to bring a sense of calm and psychological stability, it is necessary to analyze the proposed models in terms of their effectiveness, cost and capacity, and also to understand what weak and strong sides have the most interesting models in the opinion of their owners.

The video below will tell you how to choose an stun gun for self-defense:

Which Electro Shock Device (ESD) is better

Nobody can tell you which stun gun is the best in each case. Everything depends on the wishes and possibilities.

Thanks to the reviews provided on the Internet, it became easier to get a preliminary idea of ​​this or that model. However, it should be borne in mind that recall is a reflection of a subjective assessment. Therefore, when choosing a model of the device, several characteristics, most important for an stun gun, should be taken into account.

Let’s consider the most popular today variants of especially claimed stun guns, being guided by their parameters of capacity, efficiency, reliability and on responses of those who already used them and dared to receive representation about their work.

By efficiency

flashlight stun gunSince the power index is synonymous with the effectiveness of any stun gun model, it is the number of volts that implies the possibility of maximally rapid disabling of the attacker, whether it is a person or any warm-blooded animal. It should be noted that on animals an additional but equally strong impression than an electric discharge produces the sound that the device emits at work: after hearing a characteristic “dry” click of the discharge, most of the attacking animals (particularly dogs) stopped and refused from further attack.

Therefore, if we talk about the effectiveness of the stun gun, we should note a model such as the Scepter-X, which, according to the majority of owners of this device, is the most powerful authorized for sale model of stun gun. To its advantages it is necessary to carry also a powerful lantern which is in its case. Due to the possibility of using a flashlight in several light modes, it is possible to significantly influence the attacker, blinding it and disorienting it, which makes it more likely to disable it and attract the attention of others.

  • However, it should be borne in mind that according to the power indicator being one of the most popular models, the Scepter-X also differs by quite impressive external dimensions (as well as, for example, the model of Malvina). And this can complicate its transfer: an stun gun of this size does not fit in a small handbag and will be inconvenient when you put it in your pocket.
  • A Scepter-X variant, which is not of such significant external dimensions and more convenient for women, is the Szpetr-Light stun gun: it also has a high power rating (about 10,000,000 volts), and its dimensions are less impressive. The presence of a flashlight in its configuration also adds convenience to the operation process.
  • The Jaguar model is also distinguished by its power: it contains about 9.5 million volts, which makes this model particularly effective in repulsing an attack.

Next, we’ll tell you what kind of stun gun to choose from dogs and people, depending on its price.

The cost index should also be considered one of the most important when choosing an stun gun model. Since price is an important component that significantly influences the purchase of the device, the following popular models of stun guns should be distinguished in order of increasing prices:

  1. shock Jaguar – the price of the device ranges from 9,560 to 10,250 rubles, which should be considered a reasonable enough and affordable indicator;
  2. Scepter Light, having a cost of 10 100 to 12 150 rubles;
  3. Skiptr-X, which has a unique capacity, also has a higher price: from 11,380 to 14,010 rubles, depending on the seller and the amount of the trade margin;
  4. an stun gun Taser, the value of which can already be considered high – from 12,890 to 15,000 rubles.

The cost index significantly affects the level of demand for the model, so when choosing a device for self-defense, you should pay attention to the price of the selected model. However, if there is no desire to spend hunting, then you can try to make yourself a stun gun.

On how to distinguish the original stun gun from forgery, tell this video:

By feedback

Estimating the owners of stun guns allows you to get a more detailed picture of their characteristics. And because the choice of the most important should be considered just the power and cost indicators, it is Scepter-X, Jaguar and Scepter-Light recognized as especially in demand among analogues.

  • With the use of the above models, the owners especially noted such qualities as quick disabling of the attacker, universal effect on the aggressively adjusted people and dogs, and also the maximum convenience in their operation.
  • No less important is the indicator of the availability of the possibility of using an stun gun as a baton, with which you can inflict very tangible blows and at the same time not spoil its body. Among the other baton stun guns, you can also call Lightning-1120, 1119, 1311-1315, 1310, Sherhan Thunder mini, Spetsnaz-1201, Zeus-2, Gurza, Shershen, Cobra, Scorpion, Storm and some others.

Next, we will tell you what power to choose an electric stun gun.

By power and reliability

flashlight stun gunReliability, which is checked when using the device, is equally important when purchasing an stun gun. After all, it is she who determines the confidence in her own safety and psychological comfort, which gives her confidence in the proper functioning of the device.

Do not disappoint their owners such stun guns as Jaguar, Scepter Light, Scepter-X and stun gun, made in the form of lipstick. All these models are ready to work at any time, conveniently located in the hand, require a rare recharging.

Power, which determines the degree of effective application of the device, is different: the greatest is the Skipper-X stun gun, followed by the stun guns Scepter-X, Jaguar, Taser.

By function

By this criterion, stun guns can be divided into the following types:

  • a psychological weapon that is distinguished by low voltage and small form. It is already a named stun gun in the form of lipstick, as well as, for example, in the form of a mobile phone and a stylish iPhone;
  • disorientators differ by a voltage from 500t. Volts up to 700 thousand
    Volts. They will briefly enter the enemy in a shock, and you will be able to hide during this time;
  • The stun guns differ in voltage from 900 thousand
    s. Volt, sposbony paralyze the attacker for a long time.

We can also talk about this classification of ESD:

  • Classical . These are stun gunss of standard rectangular shape. Among them, the Osa-888 Pro (Groza-4), the Osa-928 Krayt, the Osa-704 Pro (Beat-2), the Osa-800 Pro, Thunder K., 222, Avatar, and others.
  • FlashlightsESD flashlights are 2 in 1: both protection and lighting. This and products from Police models T10, 1101, 8810, and Lightning series 1106, 1108, 1321, POLICE 1101 as well as such ESU as Verona, Titan, Karakurt, Phantom, etc.
  • Cudgels . We have already mentioned them earlier, such stun guns and charge are good form and can be used to strike the enemy.
  • An unusual shape. Among these are already mentioned stun gun-lipsticks, mobile phones, as well as brass knuckles and similar items.

Where to go

And that the process of selecting a model of a device such as a stun gun was successfully carried out, it is required not only to consider the most popular models for the listed parameters, but also to choose the right company-seller. After all, the quality of the devices’ operation largely depends on the seller.

The availability of a warranty and full equipment – these mandatory conditions allow you to judge the reliability of the proposed models and the possibility of solving problems, if they arise during operation. Therefore, after analyzing the models, it is necessary to determine the place where the device will be purchased.

About what is best for self-defense, a stun gun, an aerosol device or a gas canister, this video will tell:

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