The most powerful electric stun gun for self-defense

When choosing a personal protective equipment, such as an electric stun gun, all factors must be taken into account. After all, the tool must satisfy all your individual requirements, and the main thing is to protect you at the time of the attack.

Most of all requirements for quality and energy performance. Consider domestic and foreign analogs, and find out which is the most powerful electric stun gun.

Electric Stun Gun – Guard-Dog Stun Gun

electric stun gun

One of the smallest products of this type in the market of personal protective equipment. The power of the flashlight is 160 lumens of light tactical action.

The manufacturer took care of a convenient design that includes a keychain for better wearing and use. The battery is recharged and provides a long charge.

For the safety of the owner, the case is completely rubberized.

electric stun gun

The self-protection tool of increased power, besides the charger, also has a LED flashlight and a siren. About this protection device we already wrote in the article about the most powerful traumatic pistols.

The compact size of “Aegis” allows you to hide it in any place. For more convenience, the surface is rubberized, and there are also attachments for attaching to the belt.

The electric stun gun is discharged at high voltage, which in a fraction of a second hits the attacker.

Beat-Profi The Stunner

electric stun gun

This representative of non-lethal weapons enters the family with the name – stunners with knockout action.

A discharge of 80,000K Volts and a strong crack will not only stop the attacker, but also send him into a deep knockout.

With all the advantages, we note compactness and lightness, as well as ease of use, which is suitable for every member of the family.


electric stun gun

Rechargeable device, which has a switch that eliminates spontaneous discharge.

Unlike similar devices, the SGM-18000-BKP operates on contact with the object, but only when the button is pressed.

In the kit there is a convenient cover that is easy to attach to a belt or clothes.


electric stun gun

Another convenient powerful protection device, which has a discharge of 25 million volts. This is enough to protect yourself from the attack of the strongest enemy.

The contact gun is equipped with a flashlight, blinding action and built-in battery, it provides long-term use without recharging.

Police All Metal Mini

electric stun gun

But this electro stun gun – flashlight is already used by professionals. Police officers often use this weapon to immobilize a criminal. In addition to the category of the attacker, you can simply blind you with a powerful beam of light.

The metal case made of light alloy makes the case durable. The product has a built-in battery for autonomous recharging, which guarantees a long working life.

Guard Dog Security Diablo

electric stun gun

First of all, it is a tactile flashlight, in which a powerful electric stun gun is built. The power of the flashlight is 160 lumens, which will blind the enemy in a second.

The housing is made of high-strength alloys, so that the product can be used as a means of self-defense in the attack, as well as, to break a window in moments of danger.

electric stun gun

The Russian-made electric stun gun, according to customers’ reviews, is reliable and very easy to use.

Even a simple demonstration of the discharge, accompanied by a strong glow and a crack, will scare off any attacker. If, after this, the offender does not abandon the desire to attack, contact with an electric stun gun paralyzes him for a while.

electric stun gun

A new generation of defensive weapons is a shooting electric stun gun “Thunder”. The name itself presupposes power and efficiency.

Electric charge generated in the gun. It strikes the attacker with the help of an inserted electric discharge transport unit (BTE).

For contact use, you do not need to insert this cartridge. Sufficiently effective and convenient means of self-defense.

Volts Saber Stun Gun

electric stun gun

A reliable and efficient electric stun gun, which can be freely purchased in Europe, USA and Russia.

A power of 800,000 volts will provide protection, and within a few seconds will immobilize the attacker.

Manufacturers have provided a practical security system so that the owner does not accidentally apply it to himself.


electric stun gun

Among the many devices intended for self-defense, the Terminator is one of the most powerful, with a discharge of 45,000,000 volts.

It has a built-in flashlight that can blind the enemy, than to disable it at a distance, and then you can use the discharge.

Characterized by a long period of action, which is provided by the charger and the battery.

Scepter X

electric stun gun

In 2014-2015, this model of the first class stun guns became the most purchased in the territory of Russia.

Perhaps, this is the most powerful electric stun gun in Russia. The enemy is hit instantly, because on the electrodes at the time of discharge accumulates energy of 10 million volts.

Without recharging the device can work for 9 months, and a compact design will provide covert wearing.

Vipertek SDS 880

electric stun gun

Among the most powerful contact damage devices Vipertek SDS is allocated by a powerful discharge of approximately 25,000,000 volts. Of course, this power is enough to stop the attacker of any strength and weight.

It is very light, compact, easy to apply. In addition, the built-in flashlight only adds convenience to the popular device among people.

Vipertex SDS-979

electric stun gun

A fairly successful model in the line of Vipertex electric stun gun, has a discharge of 51,000,000 volts.

Among the advantages, it is a battery that holds the charge for a long time, small size and ease of use.

The rubberized complex will not allow him to jump out of his hands at the time of protection, but with, so to speak, “idle shot”, can break down.

XS-800 Taser

electric stun gun

This is the most powerful electric shock stunner one of the most popular in the world. It has a device for increasing the electrical discharge.

After a lesion that occurs within a second, a prolonged pain shock is triggered, which reliably neutralizes the aggressor.

You can use both against a person and attacks of stray dogs. In addition, dogs can drive away just the sound of a discharge.


In conclusion, we note that the use of the first device, striking current refers to the XVIII century, and was used when catching large fish.

The most powerful electric stun guns will ensure your safety in any situation. Even the very awareness that you have it, adds confidence and a sense of security.

As you can see, they are different. As for the strength of discharges, and in size, so the choice is just for you, how and what to provide self-protection to yourself and your loved ones. Flashlight – stun gun POLICE 1101, certainly, the best in the ratio of price and quality, and you can buy it at a discount, in our online store, by clicking on the link (this text) .

electric stun gun

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