5 best electric Tasers for self-defense

Characteristics in the rating

Taser is a civilian type of weapon, the use of which does not cause irreversible consequences for the body and certainly does not lead to death. The principle of the Taser device is the defeat of the neuromuscular tissue by the action of an electric arc that arises between the working electrodes. Based on the voltage and time during which the exposure lasted, the discharge can:

  1. To cause acute painful sensations;
  2. Become the cause of pain and muscle spasms;
  3. Have a paralyzing effect,
  4. Provoke a loss of orientation in space and inhibition.

At the place of contact of the Taser with the skin there are small red spots that soon pass. Experts say that the device can be useful in self-defense, even without such use, so to speak, being demonstrated for “persuasion” – the sound and sparks of a working device are already capable of scare off the enemy and dogs by their appearance.

Electroshock-paralyzers by the method of influencing the opponent are divided into contact, requiring close proximity, and shooting, or as they are also called contact-remote. No need to approach the enemy closely to accomplish the discharge – a big plus shooting Taser devices. However, it should be noted that such devices are not suitable for use in a crowd or, for example, in a confined space, the same elevator. Another disadvantage is the disposability of the cartridge. After disconnecting the used cartridge, the shooting device turns into a contact one, and can be used later in a direct collision with the enemy.

There are 3 classes of Taser devices for self-defense, into which the devices are divided according to the strength of the discharges:

  • 1 class . The voltage is 70-90 kV, the power is 2-3 watts. These are the most powerful Tasers that are allowed on the territory of the Russian Federation. According to experts of the model of this class – the best devices are paralyzers for self-defense, since they can hit the attacker even through several layers of warm clothes. This is especially true in the winter season.
  • 2 class . Voltage – 45-70 kV, power – 1-2 watts. Such devices demonstrate slightly less efficiency. Their dignity lies in the optimal ratio of price and quality. The cost of tasers of this class is slightly lower, while the effectiveness is still high.
  • 3 class . The voltage is 20-45 kV, the power is 0-1W. These Taser by assurance of experts are more like a means of psychological attack on the enemy. To neutralize such devices is unlikely to succeed, but it’s quite possible to frighten. The devices are characterized by low cost and electrical discharge of minimal damage.

We present you the rating of the best Tasers for self-defense. When distributing positions in TOP, the following were taken into account:

  • characteristics (power, voltage, etc.) of devices;
  • value (cost-effectiveness ratio);
  • user reviews;
  • recommendations of experts.

Taser devices are permitted for use in the territory of the Russian Federation to persons who have reached the age of 18 years. Tasers can be used to defend themselves against intruders and aggressive animals, such as stray dogs. The peculiarity of the application of these devices in Russia lies in the possibility of acquiring and operating Tasers manufactured only in the territory of the Russian Federation and licensed manufacturers in just five:

  1. Limited Liability Company “MARCH GROUP”;
  2. Limited Liability Company “Tander”;
  3. Closed Joint Stock Company “Oberon”;
  4. Open Joint-Stock Company “Research Institute of Steel”;
  5. Scientific and Production Association of Special Materials.

On a mandatory basis, the products of the manufacturer must be checked during laboratory and biomedical tests. The model of the device must be tested and certified, and also be backed by a warranty coupon. Taser devices are a non-lethal kind of weapon, and therefore you do not have to acquire special certificates for its purchase. There is also no need to register an Taser in the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Please note that the device must include a technical passport and a certificate. The latter is required to be carried as a confirmation of legal purchase.

The best Taser for self-defense

The TOP-5 of the most powerful Tasers included tested models from official manufacturers. By purchasing these shockers you can be sure that in a critical situation the weapon will not let you down. The presented taser devices are accompanied by the documentation laid down by law – a technical passport, a copy of the certification and a guarantee coupon.

The model of the Taser from JSC “Research Institute of Steel” under the name “Yana-5” is characterized by high reliability, ergonomics and impact-resistant casing. A distinctive feature – the masking of the electro-shock device under the folding umbrella, which allows you to constantly wear a miniature shocker in your purse, without attracting unnecessary attention to the device. The manufacturer equipped the Taser with an integrated ultrasonic generator to effectively influence dogs and other stray animals located at a distance of up to 10 meters.

This device, when buying special cartridges, is converted from a contact civil weapon into a contact-remote, that is, a shooting shocker. When you press the “Start” button, the cartridge shoots liners (electrodes) with wires for a distance of up to 4.5 meters, hitting the enemy with an Taser. In feedback, users unequivocally recommend the device to purchase, noting that it is a powerful shocker for self-defense of both women and men.

4 Laska Super

Taser “Laska-Super” from NAP Special materials is a device for self-protection of high power with charge voltage of 70 kV. The peculiarity of the device is the possibility of using it in a confined space, for example, a car or an elevator, where it would be inappropriate to use pepper spray or a traumatic pistol. Due to the lightness (330 g) and the small size (15.0 * 7.0 * 2.0 cm) of the Taser paralyzer, the model is suitable for operational use and concealed wearing.

In the complete set there is a shocker, a charger, a passport for the goods, a certified copy of the certificate and a belt holder. The product warranty is 2 years. The model, in the opinion of experts, is not inferior to the Taser of other manufacturers – the latest technologies, the option of a given time limit, the use of ultra-compact surface mount components and protective coatings for electronic components.


Modern Taser weapon “Phantom” – holder of the nomination “Best price”. This model for self-defense, despite the lowest cost relative to other nominees, can boast of high device efficiency. Advantage number 1 – the power of the Taser, which is not less than 3 W, and the voltage of the idle discharge on the combat electrodes (90 kV). So, before you is a first class shocker. Advantage number 2 – resistance to external stimuli. It’s no secret that Tasers do not favor humidity, “thanks” to which they can fail at the most important moment. So this model works in the temperature range from -15 to +50 degrees, while it does not even confuse 98% moisture at 25 degrees Celsius.

Dimensions (13.6 * 6.0 * 3.0 cm) and weight (210 g) of the device are positively received by users, who note that the shocker can easily fit in a purse or pocket of a jacket. The rechargeable battery is assured by the manufacturer (ZAO Oberon) for 500 charge cycles. The complete set includes a shocker, battery, charger, belt for carrying the device on the brush, detailed instructions, technical passport, duplicate certificate and warranty card, which implies repair or replacement within a year from the date of purchase. The result of contact or contact-remote application is neuromuscular blockade by high-voltage electrical impulses. Experts note that the discharge will be effective even for opponents with a high pain threshold, for example, people who use drugs or who are intoxicated.

2 GROM CD. 111

First-class Taser (90 kV, 3 W) “Thunder” from OOO “Tander” – the best ratio of cost and efficiency. This model for self-defense is a unique shock-pistol, which is equipped with the latest technology. This is a handy device that has proven itself in both contact and contact-remote confrontation. The action of the Taser device causes a strong spasm of the muscles. The peculiarity of the model lies in the appearance, suggestive of additional fear on the opponent. Due to the convenient handle, high accuracy of hit during shooting and direct contact is observed. The “BTER” cartridge is characterized by damaging electrodes capable of reaching the target from a distance of up to 5 meters.

A big advantage, according to users, is the presence of a laser target designator and an LED flashlight for disorienting the attacker and a more accurate discharge. The set includes an stun gun, a rechargeable battery and a charger. The light indication on the body of the device allows you to monitor the charge status. The holster for the shocker is made of genuine leather. In the reviews, the model is praised positively, emphasizing compactness (20.0 * 15.5 * 5.0 cm) and lightness (340 g), automatic charge rate (1.5 s), thermal protection function for prolonged use, duration of continuous operation of the lantern (12 h). Do not forget to ask the seller for a certificate, a passport for the product and a guarantee for the goods confirming the legality of the sale.

1 Scorpion-350-AC

The most popular Taser for self-defense is Scorpion from MART GROUP LLC. The peculiarity of the model lies in the improved form of the device – a 35-centimeter baton with a target designator, thanks to which the accuracy of the contact-remote shot is close to 100%. This nuance also contributes to saving time, and therefore increases the chances of a favorable outcome for you. The shock absorber corresponds to the characteristics of the first class – power 3 W, voltage 90 kV. The case of the device is made of impact-resistant fiberglass. When the shock is struck, the opponent experiences acute pain, feels a paralyzing and inhibiting effect. The average duration of the output from the shock state after the discharge is about 10 minutes.

In the reviews, buyers note that this is the best option for those who like to relax in nature or live in a country house. Firstly, it is a shooting shock with a range of 4.5 m, and secondly, when the cartridge is disconnected, the device becomes an effective Taser weapon in contact fighting, and in addition, it can be used for self-defense directly as a baton.

How to choose the best Taser for self-defense

Expert tips when choosing an Taser for self-defense:

  1. Legality . Despite the absence of paper red tape and the need to register the device, make sure that the purchased Taser is produced in the territory of the Russian Federation, has the necessary certification, technical passport and manufacturer’s warranties.
  2. Class. With regard to classification, the most powerful devices are 1st class Taser. However, self-defense is also suitable for less powerful devices – the 2nd and 3rd classes. Determine in what situations you plan to resort to use, and are ready to offer resistance. If you are afraid of stray dogs, pay attention to the most unpretentious models of the 3rd class, which will bring to the animals the horror of spark discharge and ozone released at the same time. For the qualitative self-protection of life and property, devices of the 1 st or 2 nd grade are still preferable.
  3. Variety. Shooting models, in fact, combine the ability to apply a discharge both remotely and when removing the cartridge contact. But if you are afraid of an attack in a public place (for example, a subway) or an elevator, it is better to opt for a contact Taser.
  4. Shape and size. In the domestic market are devices of all kinds of variations: compact, reminiscent of walkie-talkies, or cumbersome clubs, in the form of a pistol or phone, disguised as a folding umbrella, etc. For permanent wearing, compact and light models fit in a purse.
  5. Type of food . Shockers can run on batteries or a battery. Batteries last for 1-1.5 years or 20 digits for 3 seconds. The battery requires recharging after the application or after the expiration of a year for 8 hours of connecting to the network.
  6. Fuse . The presence of a fuse is a big plus for an Taser device. Thanks to him, you do not harm yourself through negligence. A lot of time you will not need to turn on the device, but the weapon safety for the owner in a critical situation will be invaluable.


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