BL-1201 Police – powerful Taser-stunner with a flashlight in the form-factor “baton”

Tasers of the BL series are a self-defense weapon in the “flashlight-club” form-factor. Model BL 1201 is the penultimate power device, which can already be attributed to the category of stunners, although not beyond the scope of self-defense provided by law.

Device Overview

A massive, brutal “trick”, at first glance, suggests the idea that it is better not to communicate with its master.

Advantages and disadvantages of the taser BL-1201 Police

BL 1201 is a multifunctional device that can be a flashlight, a stun gun, a baton (aluminum alloy body, total weight 255 grams) and a hammer for breaking glass – on the back side of the body is a conical point. The capacity of the electric discharge is sufficient for penetration through clothing up to 6 cm thick, including multilayer.

The super-powerful LED-flashlight of the taser BL-1201 Police has a range of up to 200 meters due to the fixed focusing of the lens. The disadvantage, and even the controversial, is that it does not have gating modes and a beacon.

Use this taser is convenient even in emergency situations. The inclusion slider and the discharge activation button are arranged so that they can be operated with the fingers of one hand. Six electrodes along the edge of the flashlight lenses provide a guarantee that some pair of them will fall to their destination, even if you have to use the taser in a hurry or blindly.

Its owner has the ability to choose the type of battery – from the standard form factor AA, to a set of three AAA (cassette for installation is included in the delivery). The battery can be charged not only from the network, but also from the car battery with the adapter connected to the cigarette lighter socket. Such omnivorous and good, and a disadvantage. The battery is installed in the housing and is tightened with a screw cap. Despite the existing sealing ring of rubber, the tightness of the device is doubtful.

The video below presents an overview of the BL-1201 Police stun gun:


BL 1201 is a contact weapon of self-defense and belongs to the 1st class of tasers (stunners). An electrical discharge of 30,000 kV is capable of leading an attacker into a state of shock lasting more than ten minutes. Its effectiveness is limited to clothes with a thickness of six centimeters.

The sound of the crown discharge and ozone released in this way scares the dogs well. The brightness of the flashlight is sufficient not only for lighting, but also for a short-term blindness of the attacker.


BL 1201 is produced by various companies with the names Police and other analogues. All of them are similar in appearance and differ in technical characteristics.

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