The most powerful power stun guns for self-defense

Paralyzers are powerful stun gun with knockout action, capable of quickly and effectively neutralizing the enemy. They are very convenient to use and have high current strength, voltage and deep breakdown. With the help of a stunner, you can cut down a person for a few minutes. This time will be enough to escape or call the police.

Remember! The time of loss of consciousness depends on the location and duration of the strike, the thickness of clothing and the composition of the enemy.

Stun guns of class 1, as a rule, have large dimensions. This is necessary to accommodate a capacitive battery and current converters. Most often, the stun guns are made in the form of a baton or a flashlight, which increases their effectiveness in fights with opponents.

Features of the stun guns: how do they differ from conventional stun guns?

It is worth remembering that the most powerful stun guns for self-defense do not exceed the allowed threshold of 3 watts. This indicator can be either permanent or user configurable. The stun guns have several significant differences from other classes of tasers.

  • Large dimensions with low mass. Most models weigh about 350-400 grams. In doing so, they have a fairly aggressive design. The high power of the stun guns also contributes to the appearance of a loud “cod” during discharge. Therefore, to deter most of the hooligans, it is enough to show “weapons”;
  • built-in high capacity battery. On average, a full charge is sufficient to perform two hundred short beats. The capacity of the battery is also directly related to its capacity. The higher it is, the more effective the stun gun;
  • high power. A shock with a taser-stunner with a knockout action with 100% probability will lead to a prolonged loss of consciousness and paralysis of the opponent. The discharge easily manages even with thick winter clothes.

At the same time, the stun guns are completely legal. Their use in the territory of the Russian Federation does not require special permits.

Taser-stunner can not lead to death. Contrary to rumors, they are safe even in cases when the blow was inflicted on the heart area.

Top-5 most powerful stun guns for self-defense

If you are looking for the most powerful Taser stunner, our specialists have made the TOP-5 best models in this category. They were based not only on research and their rich experience, but also on numerous feedback from users.

  1. Stunner The stunner 1003. The device produces a powerful arc, capable of penetrating a layer of fabric up to 5 cm thick. Therefore, a winter jacket or a sheepskin coat will not become an obstacle. Also the stun gun has a light shockproof case, it is equipped with an anti-static system, a lantern and a siren.
  2. Stun gun Lightning YB-1120. One of the most powerful devices for self-defense on the Russian market. The stun gun produces a discharge of 100 million volts, which makes it possible to pierce clothes with a thickness of up to 4.5 cm. A blow in 3-5 seconds will suffice to cut down the enemy for 30 minutes.
  3. Taser – stunner X8. The device is characterized by the highest power and is able to break through the layer of clothing up to 3.5 centimeters. Therefore, even the thick sheepskin coat will not save the enemy. The stun gun has a sturdy casing, so it does not face damage even when falling from a five-meter height.
  4. Stun gun 1103 Police BL. The voltage at the electrodes is 10. 000 kV. This is the maximum allowed by law. The stun gun is made in a durable metal case in the form of a small flashlight. Despite its high power, it is compact and invisible, so it will become a very undesirable surprise for detractors.
  5. Stun gun Lightning YB-1119B. A powerful device produces a discharge of 10. 000 kV, which passes through 3 contacts. This allows you to neutralize the enemy for 10 minutes. The stun gun is made in a metal case and has a comfortable rubber grip. A bright lantern can be used to dazzle opponents.

For convenience, we collected the most powerful stun guns for self-defense in one section of the catalog: Tasers – stun guns. Here you can get acquainted with a large number of models, choosing the best option for cost, functions and efficiency. Do not know what to choose? shop sellers are ready to tell in detail about the devices of interest from the point of view of the “price-quality”, “convenience-power” or “advantages-disadvantages” ratio.

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