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Taser with flashlights are by far the most popular devices for personal safety. They have gained such popularity due to their practicality. The lantern allows you to illuminate the road, reducing the risk of attack by intruders. But if this happens, then a powerful taser is used. Also, a ray of light can blind the enemy. This will give the opportunity to hit him with a taser, depriving him of even a single chance to attack. Flashlight-stun gun is the best option for self-defense.

Features of taser with a flashlight: to take or not to take?

Manufacturers of tasers are paying more attention to models with flashlights. This is due not only to the convenience for users. Today, the most powerful taser is always equipped with a flashlight. In such models, the voltage can reach several million volts.

Taser-flashlight have several undeniable advantages:

  • multifunctionality. The flashlight illuminates the road in the dark, and the stun gun protects from intruders;
  • reliability. The housings of modern tasers with lanterns are protected from impacts and falls. Some models are also equipped with bumpers, with which you can, for example, knock out the glass in the car;
  • convenience. Even the most powerful electric flashlight is designed in such a way that it is comfortable to sit in your hand. They impress with their ergonomics and convenient arrangement of buttons;
  • compactness. Stun gun with a flashlight fits easily into the pocket of a jacket, a bag or a city backpack. At the same time the device is always at hand and is ready to perform its basic functions – to protect the owner from the aggressors.

Should I choose an taser with a flashlight? Definitely yes. Such stun guns are indispensable both for girls trying to protect themselves from hooligans in the dark, and for truck drivers who may need a flashlight during road repair or force in emergency situations.

TOP-5 of the most powerful self-defense flashlight for ShopShoker

A wide variety of models allows you to choose a device that will suit you in every way. But if you are looking for the most powerful electric shoe lantern, then we have made for you the TOP-5 best representatives in this category.

  • Taser Lightning-1321. It is characterized by high power with modest dimensions. This first-class electric stun gun-flashlight is capable of putting the aggressor out of action for 50-60 minutes. He easily copes with clothes up to 5 cm. Coronal electrodes exclude the chance of misfiring, which makes it possible to neutralize the attacker without pressing the device tightly.
  • Taser Lightning YB-1318 (Marine X5). A powerful charge, instantly passing from one electrode to another, paralyzes the enemy. But not only does this make the Stun gun Marine X5 so effective. It is equipped with a powerful narrow-beam lantern, which can blind the enemy even in the daytime.
  • Taser Wasp-1203. The model received a new type of spark gap, which significantly increased its efficiency. The impact power also increased due to coronary electrodes. The disadvantages include large dimensions of thstun gun, but this is what gives it the opportunity to be the most powerful among models with a flashlight.
  • Taser 910A X-MEN. The device copes without problems even with a thick layer of clothing due to the substantial power and high current carrying capacity of the diodes. This is confirmed by multiple tests. During the check, the taser easily coped with the quilted jackets worn on thick sweaters. Also, the device is equipped with a lens with several modes of operation.
  • Taser Lightning-1312. The updated model received a higher power of 35,000 kV, while retaining its size. The shocker is made in a sealed case of aviation metal, so it does not fear a fall from the height and water. The lens has a zoom system and operates in three modes.

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