Taser-baton-stunner Lightning YB – 1188 (POLICE)

Taser-baton-stunner Lightning YB-1188 Moon (POLICE) is a powerful atraumatic weapon of self-defense, which is useful for travelers, truck drivers, security personnel and security forces. It is the result of the modernization of the well-proven YB-1119A and YB-1119B class 1 stun guns and has unique technical characteristics.

This Taser is able to exert psychological influence on the intruder with one of its massive appearance, forcing him to abandon aggressive plans. With him you will feel like an almost samurai, who can defeat by preventing the battle. A metal club in the form of a club almost half a meter long with a glowing (in the on state) corona discharge on electrodes and weighing more than half a kilogram is not so easy to carry, but it’s very good to have somewhere near at hand – in the case near the driver’s seat or on the remote control. Although for everyday wear it is very convenient – it has a clip on its handle for hanging the stunner on the waist belt.

Do not get confused – that’s the little thing that you really need when using Lightning YB-1188. In this you will be helped by the knowledge that even with impressive stopping abilities, the use of the electric stun gun, the POLICE-1188 stun gun, is not considered to be excessive, exceeding the self-defense boundaries.

The power of a corona discharge that arises on the combat electrodes of a stunner is sufficient to ensure that the defensive effect is effective even in the case of a sliding, non-targeted touch. A voltage of 90,000 kilovolts ensures that the attacker will get a noticeable slap in the face, even if he wears winter clothes up to 6 cm thick .

Like any serious weapon, the YB-1188 Wagon is equipped with a fuse, which will save you from accidental depression. Therefore, you can wear it without fear. In combat position it is given by a single push of a button.

In addition to the main striking effect, this stunner has two more options to stop the attacker: a strong crash of the coronary discharge (well heard at a distance of up to 50 meters), with a large amount of ozone, which is panicked by dogs, and a floodlight with a luminous flux of 150 Lumen .

The effective range of the LED flashlight is 200 meters. It can be used not only for self-defense. For example, if you happen to walk at night through an unfamiliar terrain or forest. And also as a signaling device (strobe). If you do not need to use the light beam at full power, you can transfer the flashlight to an economical mode and use it, without fear of completely discharging the battery, within 24 hours.

You will not need to hide the Lightning YB-1188 POLICE, if the situation does not cause fear. Put a protective cap on the fighting electrodes, and your personal Defender will not attract anyone’s attention. For others, it looks like a big electric flashlight. Turn it into a weapon, if necessary, you always have time.

The size of the YB-1188 body of the stunner Lightning (POLICE) makes it possible to place a large capacity battery in it. Being fully charged, it can remain in standby mode for almost two months.

In addition to the taser, the delivery kit includes a convenient carrying case with a clip for placing on the waist belt and an AC adapter-charge.

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