Taser-stunner-baton POLICE 918

Taser-stunner-baton POLICE 918 is a powerful weapon for self-defense of non-lethal action. Its 36-centimeter oblong body, made of high-impact, waterproof plastic, which gives you the opportunity to use the device as an effective baton. Despite the light weight (350 grams), you can strike a tangible blow to the legs, hands or body of the attacker. If this is not enough to calm down the aggressor, you can activate the high-voltage discharge and deal a much more powerful blow, which will surely tighten it.

At the output dischargers of the device an arc is provided, which is distinguished by a significant air breakdown. As a result, you can hit the attacker, even if it has a warm winter clothing, the thickness of which is more than 4 cm .

A sharp increase in the effectiveness of POLICE 918 is observed when it is used in the region of the chest, abdomen or neck of the opponent.

The key advantage of this model of the stun gun is the presence of conductive metal plates on the casing, which provide the function of the Antislag. It works as follows: when the attacker decides to take away your shocker, trying to grab him by the hand, he gets an electric shock with a capacity of 10,000,000 volts .

POLICE 918 has a built-in fuse, which reliably protects you from accidental electric shock. Thanks to a convenient sleeve, the device holds well in the hand.

Taser-stunner-baton POLICE 918 belongs to the 1st class of action – the stunner. In reality, this makes it possible to ensure the aggressor’s loss of consciousness from a non-lethal electric shock, as well as a pain shock for a period of 30-45 min. This time you will be enough to put handcuffs on the attacker, if you are a security company employee or a policeman, or call law enforcement officials.

This model of the stun gun is often acquired for employees of security firms. However, they are very popular among truckers and ordinary drivers, often falling into situations where personal protection and self-defense are necessary. It must be remembered that the electric discharge causes severe pain. But if your life, health or safety of close people and property is under threat, then there should be no pity for intruders.

Shocker POLICE 918 is an excellent legal weapon for highly effective personal self-defense. It does not require any permits and licenses for its carrying and acquisition. In addition, the device is also a built-in high-power police lantern capable of functioning in three modes: moderate, bright and flashing. The lantern is able to provide a bright light beam, allowing to illuminate a dark alley or entrance, and also be able to blind an attacker.

The stun gun POLICE 918 has one more useful function: it allows to drive out aggressive dogs. To do this, it is only necessary to activate the arrester and to produce an idle discharge into the air. As a result, even a large dog will flee because of the strong sound and smell of ozone, which the animals simply can not tolerate.

Taser-stunner-baton POLICE 918 is a reliable weapon of self-defense with perfect ergonomics and convenient simple control, possessing a high degree of functionality and popularity among customers.

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