Flashlight Taser stunner POLICE ZZ-1108 Type Professional

Today, everyone should have a simple, but effective and comfortable means of self-defense. These include the taser model POLICE-1108 Professional. With such an adaptation, you can give the attacker a good fight, defending yourself, as well as your own things.

The device described is a modernized model of the most powerful stun gun POLICE 1106 . Apparatus POLICE-1108 Titan is thought through to the smallest detail. This allows the user to feel confident in any life situations. The improved version has many advantages compared to its predecessors.

Attention deserve the characteristics of the arrester:

  • Voltage reaches 25 000 KVT , which fully corresponds to the name Professional. By its action, the device really resembles professional apparatuses belonging to the 1st class of power, called stunners. It not only brings pain, but affects the muscular system, provoking its contraction. This causes paralysis. The attacker is immobilized for at least 5 minutes. In addition, he feels nauseated and dizzy. When using electric discharges, cases of temporary knockout and partial paralysis are very frequent. The shocker demonstrates a confident effect through clothing. It is capable of penetrating a fabric with a thickness of up to 4.5 cm .
  • Thanks to the coronary electrode system, misfires are excluded. The current is carried out even in the case of incomplete pressing of the device against the body of the attacker.
  • Loud crackle when discharged. The device allows you to scare away aggressive dogs at a distance of up to 50 m. This is facilitated by the ozone released during the discharge, which the dogs simply do not tolerate.
  • Without recharging the battery, the device can produce 350-400 bits.

But with this power it is completely safe for the user. The fuse provides reliable protection against electric shock by negligence.

Thanks to a strong and reliable aluminum body, which is not inferior in strength to titanium, the shock-stunner has an enviable longevity. In addition to protecting the device from damage, it is able to act as a club in critical situations.

The key advantage of the ZZ-1108 Type Titan Professional is its dimensions, which are 235x45x45 mm., And also the appearance resembling a mini-flashlight. Because the attention of passers-by he does not attract. The weight of the device reaches 370 g, which allows you to hit the enemy with a working zone without the risk of breakage. The device is well held in the hand. In addition, the cord attached to the end allows you to fix it on your wrist. For the convenience of wearing it is also equipped with a clip for fastening to the belt.

A miniature but powerful enough shock is really capable of becoming an effective argument in the event of a conflict with the attacker, regardless of whether the beast is a human or not. In this case, the device will fit in the glove compartment of the car or in a women’s purse. It can always be close and will be ready to help you in difficult moments.

The battery, which has an increased capacity, holds the charge for several months. The charger works both from the cigarette lighter in the car, and from the household electrical outlet. Both devices are included.

Another advantage of the POLICE-1108 model is the brightest lantern. A powerful light stream can illuminate a large area around itself and dazzle the aggressor. The lantern is able to function in 3 modes: moderate, bright and flashing.

POLICE 1108 The professional is effectively used by the power structures of the Russian Federation and other states. The model is popular due to its reliability, efficiency and versatility.

This electric shocks are produced in limited batches. The Police series is limited by the manufacturer.

Choosing the model of taser – the stunner POLICE 1108 Professional , you will not give the aggressor any chance to win.

Thanks to convenient ergonomics, well-designed handle, simple control, this self-defense tool will not only be protective, but also comfortable for use and will add confidence in any situations.

Flashlight – stun gun POLICE 1108, certainly, the best in the ratio of price and quality, and you can buy it at a discount, in our online store, by clicking on the link (this text) .

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