Stun Gun Baton POLICE 1138

Stun gun baton POLICE 1138 TYPE – stunner of the first class. Great for self defense. Despite its impressive dimensions (367×36 mm.), But with a light enough weight (385 grams), the shocker is suitable for daily wear. Low weight is achieved due to the material of the body – aluminum. Exceptions are only the areas near the electrodes.

The exterior design of the POLICE 1138 TYPE has the form of a flashlight, which provides a neutral attitude to you among passers-by and does not cause the surrounding people special fears.

The voltage generated by the electric shock is 10,000 KiloVolts , which allows to completely neutralize the attacker for a fairly long period in order to be in time to secure a safe place.

The battery includes a charger of a new sample, electrodes of spherical coronary type are introduced. If the battery at the apparatus is discharged, then it can be safely put on the defensive as a full-fledged club.

Batteries are easily replaced by analogs about their breakdown, they consist of two eight sectional removable batteries (lithium-ion) – and this is the main advantage of a stick-shocker in front of competitors. The battery is located in the handle of the electric shock under a special cover, on which there is a fuse. It will reliably protect you from accidental activation of the shocker and unwanted accidents.

Carabiner on the handle provides an opportunity to carry the POLICE 1138, attaching it to the belt.

For added security, the POLICE 1138 can completely blind the enemy for a couple of minutes, providing you with extra time to effect a direct current discharge. This function is due to the fact that the electric shock is an ultra powerful police flashlight, which is a strong light reflector, which makes it possible to blind the attacker even during the daytime.

The functionality of the electric shock also provides effective protection against aggressive dogs. They react sensitively to the release of ozone into the environment during discharge, and do not tolerate it. To scare off a dog, simply discharge it into the air, it will be single and will not bring any harm to the animal.

Nowadays, anyone who values ​​their own peace and security needs a practical and reliable self-defense device. Your reliable assistant in the fight against intruders and aggressive-minded individuals can rightly become a powerful taser-stunner-baton-flashlight POLICE 1138. With him self-confidence is guaranteed. More you do not have to worry about physical health and moral feelings.

From the acceptability of the price to the level of quality, it follows that the acquisition of such a protective equipment, like the POLICE-1138 electric stun gun in our online store . – the most optimal and correct your decision!

A license and permission to wear an electric shocker is not required, but only persons who have reached adulthood can purchase it.

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