Are dogs afraid of stun gun Taser?

A Stun gun can be used as a means of self-defense from both humans and aggressively tuned dogs. Often such a device helps to avoid negative and dangerous consequences for health due to animal attack. How can it help? How does the stun gun on dogs work? Let’s try to figure it out.

Aggression is shown by different dogs: both stray and domestic, which are improperly brought up by the owners. At the same time, a domestic pet can be much more aggressive than a street dog: you are unlikely to drive it away with an ordinary stick, since the instinct of self-preservation in combat dogs, trained by careless owners for aggression, is almost always absent.

Keep in mind that using a stun gun against domestic dogs is not a violation of the law. In this case, the law is violated by the owner of the evil dog, walking it without a leash and muzzle and improperly raising a pet. Thus, when attacking an aggressive animal, you can safely use the electroshock device.

Watch a video of the reaction of street dogs to the idle discharge of an electric stun gun.

Why are dogs afraid of stun gun?

Many people who are going to acquire a stun gun for self-defense, the question arises: are dogs afraid of a stun gun and why? Will the device protect the device securely when attacking an aggressively tuned animal?

There are a number of factors that cause a frightening effect of the device. It really affects dogs and scares them off, and that’s why:

  1. When using ESD, a cracking discharge is heard – this is the unknown sound of the stun gun that animals fear. It is important to know that the best models are more powerful. They work louder.
  2. When discharged from the device appears a sheaf of sparks, which also scares off the dogs.
  3. In the breakdown of air, ozone begins to be released by the current, which, for a sensitive canine smell, is a deterrent.

It can be stated for certain that an electroshock device can scare off a negative dog at the time of the attack, regardless of whether it is domestic or stray. That is why to acquire a shocker for self-defense is the absolutely right choice of a person who cares about his own safety.

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