Top 5: The best Stun Guns Tasers

More often than not, children wear knives or knuckles for self-defense, thinking that they can compete on an equal footing with criminal elements or other potentially dangerous people. Of course, maybe so, but for carrying a weapon you can get behind bars. Or worse: conflict can lead to death.

Even if you stand in a fight, the fact of using the knife will bring you a mountain of problems. Consider the possibility of adding your equipment to something more practical, for example, an stun gun. We used to think that tasers and pepper cans, rather, women’s means of self-defense and are not suitable for men, but in fact they can save your life.

Stun gun is able to quickly disable the enemy, which will allow you to get out of a dangerous situation, while a knife or club is pulled into a fight. If you are going to solve the situation smartly and safely for yourself – choose a powerful taser to quickly bring the aggressor to the ground, which will not turn off accidentally, keep the charge and will work at the right time. The choicfe of one of the five best stun guns is a step towards non-lethal self-defense.

Knuckle Blaster – knockout blow

Pros: works on interchangeable batteries.
Cons: battery compartment cover can come off.
Maybe that device will never be needed, but if Manny Pacquiao lives inside you, add to the power of your strike also the power of electricity. The rubber casing of the brass knuckle is made thick enough that it gives him an impressive weight. It is well fixed in the hand and will not slip, even if it rains. Swinging, you should activate the prongs that are located on the outside of the weapon by pressing the button under the index finger. The created discharge of 950000 volts will knock anyone to the ground, like a lawnmower mows the juicy grass. Rubber will not allow you to accidentally get a taser, and the design of the brass knuckles excludes the possibility of ripping it from the hand without opening your fingers.

Police All Metal Mini – Hand weapon

Pros: light weight
Cons: the flashlight and the stun gun can not work simultaneously
To begin with, the case is made of military grade aluminum alloy, into which a LED lantern with a power of 160 lumens is inserted. This is already worthy of the devis, to have it in your collection. And if you supplement it with an electric power of 38 million volts, then at the output we will get a perfect taser for the car, a set for an emergency situation, a survival kit, or just to carry in your pocket for self-defense. The service life of the lamp is up to 100000 hours. Built-in rechargeable battery is used. Can be used to dazzle and disorientate the enemy before using the stun gun. Just the sound of a crash of electricity can scare any bully. Flashlight has several modes of operation, including impulse.

Vipertek VTS-881 – a little scorching

Pros: compact size and high power.
Cons: LED lights interfere with probes.
Being in a delicate situation, it can be difficult to get a large taser to protect from the enemy. We were looking for a device in the form of a keychain among the models on the market. Such samples as Guard Dog Hornet and the Street Wise disappointed us. If the size of the self-defense tool is your priority, then our advice is VTS-881. The baby weighs about 100 grams, but its bright sparks carry 28 million volts of energy. It has a rubber grip and a front-mounted flashlight. A handy item that can be worn in your pocket in case of unforeseen situations every day. Control is simpler than any remote control. Comfortable buttons can be pressed to the touch.

Guard Dog Security Diablo – light and power

Pros: a balanced combination of a flashlight and a stun gun.
Cons: little power for that kind of money. A
decent tactical flashlight with a solid taser. The power of light (160 lumens) is enough to illuminate the road or blind the enemies. Also, the ruffians prepared a hot meeting of 4.5 million volts. The case is made of aviation aluminum and is suitable for both breaking windows and for hand-to-hand combat. The plugs through which the discharge is applied are hidden on the back of the flashlight and, although they look harmless, but can bring you victory in the upcoming fight. Plug the plugs deeper into the attacker’s clothes to achieve maximum effect. All parts have a long life.

Vipertek VTS-989 – electric storm

Pros: the kit comes with a comfortable cover that hangs on the belt.
Minuses: LED flashlight goes as a supplement.
The design is slightly outdated, but this is the only reason for complaints about this destructive unit. The teeth clearly protrude from the end, allowing deeper penetration through tight clothing. Electrodes on the sides of the device will be punished for attempting to wrest it from your hand, making it dangerous both in defense and in case of retaliation for an attack. Thanks to the notches for the fingers, the stun gun is comfortable in the hand and will not slip in case of danger. The discharge of 38 million volts is more than enough to knock the bully at your feet.

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