Taser is a stun gun of American policemen

Taser – stun gun, which produces the company Tasertron, it is very, very effective item that possesses three indisputable advantages: allows you to stay away from the enemy, futuristic and cool looks, and is in service with the US police.

Today’s story is dedicated to this, perhaps, most widely recognized brand of stun guns in the world.

Legendary Taser – the stun gun of American policemen, has been stirring the minds of the public for more than a decade. Unreal cool looks – like a big and stern gun, shoots pulses able to ride down even Dwayne Johnson (is that a former wrestler and now a Hollywood actor of the Fast and the Furious), and sometimes he Dwayne Johnson uses his police image Taser – stun gun, which is supposed to own every decent American cop.

In general, a dream dream for Russian consumers. Unfortunately, inaccessible. The author will not specify how individual persons acquire a Taser – stun gun, which is not officially recognized in our country as legal. However, it can be replaced with similar analogs if desired. After all, in fact, Taser is a remote-type stun gun that belongs to the group of stunners. With the help of a pneumatic device, a cassette that acts at a distance is fired, and the current is fed through thin wires going from the device to the contact electrodes.

Yes, Taser is a stun gun powerful, effective, popular. In America, criminal elements are afraid of him as a devil. It’s right. The voltage at it in the maximum volume can reach five million volts. For comparison, an ordinary shocker, giving out a million volts, is already considered steep. So, it is possible to estimate, what to the person under such waterfall of an electricity on all nervous endings from a top to heels. Very uncomfortable, very much.

But, even in liberal America, Taser is a stun gun, it can be said, a time-table. Each device has a block with tracer papers that remain on the scene, like shot cartridges and clearly tell who used the stunner. Each shocker has its own serial number, so it is almost impossible to hide the traces of the use of weapons.

However, it is necessary to be glad also to the Russian consumers. In those authorized for use in our country shocker is the same POLICE, looks and acts very much reminiscent Taser (except that no recognizable yellow stripes on the body), and you can buy it freely.

So, it makes no sense to mourn for the American dream, go to the online catalog and choose no less effective analogues, good, they are there!

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