Taser is a stun gun of American policemen

Taser – stun gun, which produces the company Tasertron, it is very, very effective item that possesses three indisputable advantages: allows you to stay away from the enemy, futuristic and cool looks, and is in service with the US police.

Today’s story is dedicated to this, perhaps, most widely recognized brand of stun guns in the world.

Legendary Taser – the stun gun of American policemen, has been stirring the minds of the public for more than a decade. Unreal cool looks – like a big and stern gun, shoots pulses able to ride down even Dwayne Johnson (is that a former wrestler and now a Hollywood actor of the Fast and the Furious), and sometimes he Dwayne Johnson uses his police image Taser – stun gun, which is supposed to own every decent American cop.

In general, a dream dream for Russian consumers. Unfortunately, inaccessible. The author will not specify how individual persons acquire a Taser – stun gun, which is not officially recognized in our country as legal. However, it can be replaced with similar analogs if desired. After all, in fact, Taser is a remote-type stun gun that belongs to the group of stunners. With the help of a pneumatic device, a cassette that acts at a distance is fired, and the current is fed through thin wires going from the device to the contact electrodes.

Yes, Taser is a stun gun powerful, effective, popular. In America, criminal elements are afraid of him as a devil. It’s right. The voltage at it in the maximum volume can reach five million volts. For comparison, an ordinary shocker, giving out a million volts, is already considered steep. So, it is possible to estimate, what to the person under such waterfall of an electricity on all nervous endings from a top to heels. Very uncomfortable, very much.

But, even in liberal America, Taser is a stun gun, it can be said, a time-table. Each device has a block with tracer papers that remain on the scene, like shot cartridges and clearly tell who used the stunner. Each shocker has its own serial number, so it is almost impossible to hide the traces of the use of weapons.

However, it is necessary to be glad also to the Russian consumers. In those authorized for use in our country shocker is the same POLICE, looks and acts very much reminiscent Taser (except that no recognizable yellow stripes on the body), and you can buy it freely.

So, it makes no sense to mourn for the American dream, go to the online catalog and choose no less effective analogues, good, they are there!

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Are dogs afraid of stun gun Taser?

A Stun gun can be used as a means of self-defense from both humans and aggressively tuned dogs. Often such a device helps to avoid negative and dangerous consequences for health due to animal attack. How can it help? How does the stun gun on dogs work? Let’s try to figure it out.

Aggression is shown by different dogs: both stray and domestic, which are improperly brought up by the owners. At the same time, a domestic pet can be much more aggressive than a street dog: you are unlikely to drive it away with an ordinary stick, since the instinct of self-preservation in combat dogs, trained by careless owners for aggression, is almost always absent.

Keep in mind that using a stun gun against domestic dogs is not a violation of the law. In this case, the law is violated by the owner of the evil dog, walking it without a leash and muzzle and improperly raising a pet. Thus, when attacking an aggressive animal, you can safely use the electroshock device.

Watch a video of the reaction of street dogs to the idle discharge of an electric stun gun.

Why are dogs afraid of stun gun?

Many people who are going to acquire a stun gun for self-defense, the question arises: are dogs afraid of a stun gun and why? Will the device protect the device securely when attacking an aggressively tuned animal?

There are a number of factors that cause a frightening effect of the device. It really affects dogs and scares them off, and that’s why:

  1. When using ESD, a cracking discharge is heard – this is the unknown sound of the stun gun that animals fear. It is important to know that the best models are more powerful. They work louder.
  2. When discharged from the device appears a sheaf of sparks, which also scares off the dogs.
  3. In the breakdown of air, ozone begins to be released by the current, which, for a sensitive canine smell, is a deterrent.

It can be stated for certain that an electroshock device can scare off a negative dog at the time of the attack, regardless of whether it is domestic or stray. That is why to acquire a shocker for self-defense is the absolutely right choice of a person who cares about his own safety.

If you want to protect yourself from attacking aggressive animals, policetorch.net online store will help you with this. We have specially selected the models that will suit you best. They are collected in the section of our site stun gun against dogs

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Top 5: The best Stun Guns Tasers

More often than not, children wear knives or knuckles for self-defense, thinking that they can compete on an equal footing with criminal elements or other potentially dangerous people. Of course, maybe so, but for carrying a weapon you can get behind bars. Or worse: conflict can lead to death.

Even if you stand in a fight, the fact of using the knife will bring you a mountain of problems. Consider the possibility of adding your equipment to something more practical, for example, an stun gun. We used to think that tasers and pepper cans, rather, women’s means of self-defense and are not suitable for men, but in fact they can save your life.

Stun gun is able to quickly disable the enemy, which will allow you to get out of a dangerous situation, while a knife or club is pulled into a fight. If you are going to solve the situation smartly and safely for yourself – choose a powerful taser to quickly bring the aggressor to the ground, which will not turn off accidentally, keep the charge and will work at the right time. The choicfe of one of the five best stun guns is a step towards non-lethal self-defense.

Knuckle Blaster – knockout blow

Pros: works on interchangeable batteries.
Cons: battery compartment cover can come off.
Maybe that device will never be needed, but if Manny Pacquiao lives inside you, add to the power of your strike also the power of electricity. The rubber casing of the brass knuckle is made thick enough that it gives him an impressive weight. It is well fixed in the hand and will not slip, even if it rains. Swinging, you should activate the prongs that are located on the outside of the weapon by pressing the button under the index finger. The created discharge of 950000 volts will knock anyone to the ground, like a lawnmower mows the juicy grass. Rubber will not allow you to accidentally get a taser, and the design of the brass knuckles excludes the possibility of ripping it from the hand without opening your fingers.

Police All Metal Mini – Hand weapon

Pros: light weight
Cons: the flashlight and the stun gun can not work simultaneously
To begin with, the case is made of military grade aluminum alloy, into which a LED lantern with a power of 160 lumens is inserted. This is already worthy of the devis, to have it in your collection. And if you supplement it with an electric power of 38 million volts, then at the output we will get a perfect taser for the car, a set for an emergency situation, a survival kit, or just to carry in your pocket for self-defense. The service life of the lamp is up to 100000 hours. Built-in rechargeable battery is used. Can be used to dazzle and disorientate the enemy before using the stun gun. Just the sound of a crash of electricity can scare any bully. Flashlight has several modes of operation, including impulse.

Vipertek VTS-881 – a little scorching

Pros: compact size and high power.
Cons: LED lights interfere with probes.
Being in a delicate situation, it can be difficult to get a large taser to protect from the enemy. We were looking for a device in the form of a keychain among the models on the market. Such samples as Guard Dog Hornet and the Street Wise disappointed us. If the size of the self-defense tool is your priority, then our advice is VTS-881. The baby weighs about 100 grams, but its bright sparks carry 28 million volts of energy. It has a rubber grip and a front-mounted flashlight. A handy item that can be worn in your pocket in case of unforeseen situations every day. Control is simpler than any remote control. Comfortable buttons can be pressed to the touch.

Guard Dog Security Diablo – light and power

Pros: a balanced combination of a flashlight and a stun gun.
Cons: little power for that kind of money. A
decent tactical flashlight with a solid taser. The power of light (160 lumens) is enough to illuminate the road or blind the enemies. Also, the ruffians prepared a hot meeting of 4.5 million volts. The case is made of aviation aluminum and is suitable for both breaking windows and for hand-to-hand combat. The plugs through which the discharge is applied are hidden on the back of the flashlight and, although they look harmless, but can bring you victory in the upcoming fight. Plug the plugs deeper into the attacker’s clothes to achieve maximum effect. All parts have a long life.

Vipertek VTS-989 – electric storm

Pros: the kit comes with a comfortable cover that hangs on the belt.
Minuses: LED flashlight goes as a supplement.
The design is slightly outdated, but this is the only reason for complaints about this destructive unit. The teeth clearly protrude from the end, allowing deeper penetration through tight clothing. Electrodes on the sides of the device will be punished for attempting to wrest it from your hand, making it dangerous both in defense and in case of retaliation for an attack. Thanks to the notches for the fingers, the stun gun is comfortable in the hand and will not slip in case of danger. The discharge of 38 million volts is more than enough to knock the bully at your feet.

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American Stun Guns Tasers

If you want to purchase an stun gun for self-defense, it is advisable to choose a device that will satisfy all your requests as much as possible. The stun gun should be easy to use, energy saving and compact. In addition, your defender must meet all security requirements. Below are ten of the best and most powerful stun guns of 2017 according to customer reviews:

10. Guard-Dog Stun Gun

It is a unique stun gun that combines the power of a 4, 500, 000V electric stun gun with 160 lumens of a tactical light field. The design includes a keychain for easy carrying. This is the smallest stun gun in the market. Its surface is completely rubberized for easy operation, and a rechargeable battery guarantees a constant power reserve. The best stun guns are in great demand. They are an effective self-defense tool that can protect you from various forms of attack. A good stun gun should be light and durable, and of course, a reliable battery should be provided for optimal and long work.

9. Aegis 20,000,000 of increased power

This is another high-performance self-defense tool that is equipped with a siren and LED flashlight. The product has a light weight (106mm x 25mm x 42mm), therefore, you can easily carry it anywhere. For the additional convenience of the owners, special rubberized surfaces have been developed. The device is discharged with huge power, which can immobilize the aggressor within a few seconds.

8. Rechargeable stun gun SGM-18000-BKP with LED flashlight

If you need a convenient and powerful tool that can pacify the aggressor in a second, this stun gun will be perfect for you. It has a built-in LED flashlight that can illuminate shaded areas. The presence of a switch helps to avoid accidental discharge. High power and loud sound will help to resist attackers only by pressing a button. A comfortable nylon holster with belt-loop makes it particularly convenient to use.

7. GGM-25000BK

This is another powerful weapon of self-defense that can protect at any moment. The device produces 25,000,000 volts, which is enough to neutralize a strong person for a short time. Nylon holster provides ease of transportation, and the LED flashlight makes it possible to blind the enemy. The gun is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery, which guarantees a long and reliable service. The seventh among the most powerful stun guns .

6. The 800,000 Volts Saber Stun Gun

This is another reliable stun gun that can be easily purchased on the market. Its power is 800,000 volts, so it can stop the most daring aggressor within a few seconds. In addition, the tool is equipped with a reliable security system, so as to avoid accidental unloading. The gun has a two-year warranty.

5. Micro stun gun Vipertek SDS 881 – 28000000V

This stun gun has advantages for everyone who wants to protect themselves. It discharges up to 28,000 volts for optimal protection. The device is simple to operate and is usually supported by the built-in rechargeable battery. The dimensions of the product are approximately 3.75 inches x 1.5 inches x 0.75 inches, which makes it inconspicuous to carry it in your pocket. Non-slip rubber surface ensures easier and safer use.

4. Terminator 15000000V

This is one of the most powerful stun guns, of all the products on the market today. The instrument features a long battery life and compact dimensions, and the non-slip rubber cover makes the use of the device convenient and safe for the owner. The 15000000V terminator is equipped with a high power LED flashlight, capable of dazzling the enemy. In addition, the stun gun is equipped with a heavy-duty nylon bag with a belt that facilitates attachment to the belt.

3. Vipertek SDS-979 51000000V

This is a unique stun gun. It is designed for the maximum comfort of its owner. The device retains battery power for a long time, has a built-in LED flashlight and small dimensions (6.5 inches x 2 inches x 1 inch). On the third line among the best and most powerful stun guns of 2016.

1. The product is compact and easy to handle.

2. The non-slip rubber cover does not allow slippage of the stun gun from the hands.

3. High power will neutralize even a strong person within a few seconds.

Cons: If the Vipertex SDS-979 51000000V stun gun is discharged into the air, the device may break. This means that in the event of an attack, it is always necessary to aim at the target.

2. Heavy-duty stun gun “POLICE 53000000”

This unit is ideal for people who want to protect themselves from any intruders. Usually it emits a loud alarm that warns people in case of an emergency. The taser has an indent for the finger from below, which makes it easier to use the device, and the light weight makes it easy and unnoticeable to carry it even in your pocket.

1. has a high discharge power,

2. It simply charges and holds a charge for a long time.

3. has a loud siren that can scare away criminals before they even think about how to cause harm.

4. is compact and easily portable.

Cons: This stun gun require close contact, so a strong opponent can easily disarm you.

1. Mini stun gun Vipertek SDS 880 25000000V

The best stun gun . The device contains a rechargeable unit with a tactical nylon sheath. The stun gun has a built-in LED flashlight for more comfortable use. This is the best stun gun in the market by user version! The tool is available in an attractive black color. Its power is about 25,000,000 volts, and this discharge is enough to protect itself from any enemy.

1. A compact unit that can be easily transported and stored.

2. high discharge power

4. ease of use.

In case of incorrect handling of the stun gun, you can easily injure yourself.

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Stun Gun Baton POLICE 1138

Stun gun baton POLICE 1138 TYPE – stunner of the first class. Great for self defense. Despite its impressive dimensions (367×36 mm.), But with a light enough weight (385 grams), the shocker is suitable for daily wear. Low weight is achieved due to the material of the body – aluminum. Exceptions are only the areas near the electrodes.

The exterior design of the POLICE 1138 TYPE has the form of a flashlight, which provides a neutral attitude to you among passers-by and does not cause the surrounding people special fears.

The voltage generated by the electric shock is 10,000 KiloVolts , which allows to completely neutralize the attacker for a fairly long period in order to be in time to secure a safe place.

The battery includes a charger of a new sample, electrodes of spherical coronary type are introduced. If the battery at the apparatus is discharged, then it can be safely put on the defensive as a full-fledged club.

Batteries are easily replaced by analogs about their breakdown, they consist of two eight sectional removable batteries (lithium-ion) – and this is the main advantage of a stick-shocker in front of competitors. The battery is located in the handle of the electric shock under a special cover, on which there is a fuse. It will reliably protect you from accidental activation of the shocker and unwanted accidents.

Carabiner on the handle provides an opportunity to carry the POLICE 1138, attaching it to the belt.

For added security, the POLICE 1138 can completely blind the enemy for a couple of minutes, providing you with extra time to effect a direct current discharge. This function is due to the fact that the electric shock is an ultra powerful police flashlight, which is a strong light reflector, which makes it possible to blind the attacker even during the daytime.

The functionality of the electric shock also provides effective protection against aggressive dogs. They react sensitively to the release of ozone into the environment during discharge, and do not tolerate it. To scare off a dog, simply discharge it into the air, it will be single and will not bring any harm to the animal.

Nowadays, anyone who values ​​their own peace and security needs a practical and reliable self-defense device. Your reliable assistant in the fight against intruders and aggressive-minded individuals can rightly become a powerful taser-stunner-baton-flashlight POLICE 1138. With him self-confidence is guaranteed. More you do not have to worry about physical health and moral feelings.

From the acceptability of the price to the level of quality, it follows that the acquisition of such a protective equipment, like the POLICE-1138 electric stun gun in our online store policetorch.net . – the most optimal and correct your decision!

A license and permission to wear an electric shocker is not required, but only persons who have reached adulthood can purchase it.

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Flashlight Taser stunner POLICE ZZ-1108 Type Professional

Today, everyone should have a simple, but effective and comfortable means of self-defense. These include the taser model POLICE-1108 Professional. With such an adaptation, you can give the attacker a good fight, defending yourself, as well as your own things.

The device described is a modernized model of the most powerful stun gun POLICE 1106 . Apparatus POLICE-1108 Titan is thought through to the smallest detail. This allows the user to feel confident in any life situations. The improved version has many advantages compared to its predecessors.

Attention deserve the characteristics of the arrester:

  • Voltage reaches 25 000 KVT , which fully corresponds to the name Professional. By its action, the device really resembles professional apparatuses belonging to the 1st class of power, called stunners. It not only brings pain, but affects the muscular system, provoking its contraction. This causes paralysis. The attacker is immobilized for at least 5 minutes. In addition, he feels nauseated and dizzy. When using electric discharges, cases of temporary knockout and partial paralysis are very frequent. The shocker demonstrates a confident effect through clothing. It is capable of penetrating a fabric with a thickness of up to 4.5 cm .
  • Thanks to the coronary electrode system, misfires are excluded. The current is carried out even in the case of incomplete pressing of the device against the body of the attacker.
  • Loud crackle when discharged. The device allows you to scare away aggressive dogs at a distance of up to 50 m. This is facilitated by the ozone released during the discharge, which the dogs simply do not tolerate.
  • Without recharging the battery, the device can produce 350-400 bits.

But with this power it is completely safe for the user. The fuse provides reliable protection against electric shock by negligence.

Thanks to a strong and reliable aluminum body, which is not inferior in strength to titanium, the shock-stunner has an enviable longevity. In addition to protecting the device from damage, it is able to act as a club in critical situations.

The key advantage of the ZZ-1108 Type Titan Professional is its dimensions, which are 235x45x45 mm., And also the appearance resembling a mini-flashlight. Because the attention of passers-by he does not attract. The weight of the device reaches 370 g, which allows you to hit the enemy with a working zone without the risk of breakage. The device is well held in the hand. In addition, the cord attached to the end allows you to fix it on your wrist. For the convenience of wearing it is also equipped with a clip for fastening to the belt.

A miniature but powerful enough shock is really capable of becoming an effective argument in the event of a conflict with the attacker, regardless of whether the beast is a human or not. In this case, the device will fit in the glove compartment of the car or in a women’s purse. It can always be close and will be ready to help you in difficult moments.

The battery, which has an increased capacity, holds the charge for several months. The charger works both from the cigarette lighter in the car, and from the household electrical outlet. Both devices are included.

Another advantage of the POLICE-1108 model is the brightest lantern. A powerful light stream can illuminate a large area around itself and dazzle the aggressor. The lantern is able to function in 3 modes: moderate, bright and flashing.

POLICE 1108 The professional is effectively used by the power structures of the Russian Federation and other states. The model is popular due to its reliability, efficiency and versatility.

This electric shocks are produced in limited batches. The Police series is limited by the manufacturer.

Choosing the model of taser – the stunner POLICE 1108 Professional , you will not give the aggressor any chance to win.

Thanks to convenient ergonomics, well-designed handle, simple control, this self-defense tool will not only be protective, but also comfortable for use and will add confidence in any situations.

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Taser-stunner-baton POLICE 918

Taser-stunner-baton POLICE 918 is a powerful weapon for self-defense of non-lethal action. Its 36-centimeter oblong body, made of high-impact, waterproof plastic, which gives you the opportunity to use the device as an effective baton. Despite the light weight (350 grams), you can strike a tangible blow to the legs, hands or body of the attacker. If this is not enough to calm down the aggressor, you can activate the high-voltage discharge and deal a much more powerful blow, which will surely tighten it.

At the output dischargers of the device an arc is provided, which is distinguished by a significant air breakdown. As a result, you can hit the attacker, even if it has a warm winter clothing, the thickness of which is more than 4 cm .

A sharp increase in the effectiveness of POLICE 918 is observed when it is used in the region of the chest, abdomen or neck of the opponent.

The key advantage of this model of the stun gun is the presence of conductive metal plates on the casing, which provide the function of the Antislag. It works as follows: when the attacker decides to take away your shocker, trying to grab him by the hand, he gets an electric shock with a capacity of 10,000,000 volts .

POLICE 918 has a built-in fuse, which reliably protects you from accidental electric shock. Thanks to a convenient sleeve, the device holds well in the hand.

Taser-stunner-baton POLICE 918 belongs to the 1st class of action – the stunner. In reality, this makes it possible to ensure the aggressor’s loss of consciousness from a non-lethal electric shock, as well as a pain shock for a period of 30-45 min. This time you will be enough to put handcuffs on the attacker, if you are a security company employee or a policeman, or call law enforcement officials.

This model of the stun gun is often acquired for employees of security firms. However, they are very popular among truckers and ordinary drivers, often falling into situations where personal protection and self-defense are necessary. It must be remembered that the electric discharge causes severe pain. But if your life, health or safety of close people and property is under threat, then there should be no pity for intruders.

Shocker POLICE 918 is an excellent legal weapon for highly effective personal self-defense. It does not require any permits and licenses for its carrying and acquisition. In addition, the device is also a built-in high-power police lantern capable of functioning in three modes: moderate, bright and flashing. The lantern is able to provide a bright light beam, allowing to illuminate a dark alley or entrance, and also be able to blind an attacker.

The stun gun POLICE 918 has one more useful function: it allows to drive out aggressive dogs. To do this, it is only necessary to activate the arrester and to produce an idle discharge into the air. As a result, even a large dog will flee because of the strong sound and smell of ozone, which the animals simply can not tolerate.

Taser-stunner-baton POLICE 918 is a reliable weapon of self-defense with perfect ergonomics and convenient simple control, possessing a high degree of functionality and popularity among customers.

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Taser-baton-stunner Lightning YB – 1188 (POLICE)

Taser-baton-stunner Lightning YB-1188 Moon (POLICE) is a powerful atraumatic weapon of self-defense, which is useful for travelers, truck drivers, security personnel and security forces. It is the result of the modernization of the well-proven YB-1119A and YB-1119B class 1 stun guns and has unique technical characteristics.

This Taser is able to exert psychological influence on the intruder with one of its massive appearance, forcing him to abandon aggressive plans. With him you will feel like an almost samurai, who can defeat by preventing the battle. A metal club in the form of a club almost half a meter long with a glowing (in the on state) corona discharge on electrodes and weighing more than half a kilogram is not so easy to carry, but it’s very good to have somewhere near at hand – in the case near the driver’s seat or on the remote control. Although for everyday wear it is very convenient – it has a clip on its handle for hanging the stunner on the waist belt.

Do not get confused – that’s the little thing that you really need when using Lightning YB-1188. In this you will be helped by the knowledge that even with impressive stopping abilities, the use of the electric stun gun, the POLICE-1188 stun gun, is not considered to be excessive, exceeding the self-defense boundaries.

The power of a corona discharge that arises on the combat electrodes of a stunner is sufficient to ensure that the defensive effect is effective even in the case of a sliding, non-targeted touch. A voltage of 90,000 kilovolts ensures that the attacker will get a noticeable slap in the face, even if he wears winter clothes up to 6 cm thick .

Like any serious weapon, the YB-1188 Wagon is equipped with a fuse, which will save you from accidental depression. Therefore, you can wear it without fear. In combat position it is given by a single push of a button.

In addition to the main striking effect, this stunner has two more options to stop the attacker: a strong crash of the coronary discharge (well heard at a distance of up to 50 meters), with a large amount of ozone, which is panicked by dogs, and a floodlight with a luminous flux of 150 Lumen .

The effective range of the LED flashlight is 200 meters. It can be used not only for self-defense. For example, if you happen to walk at night through an unfamiliar terrain or forest. And also as a signaling device (strobe). If you do not need to use the light beam at full power, you can transfer the flashlight to an economical mode and use it, without fear of completely discharging the battery, within 24 hours.

You will not need to hide the Lightning YB-1188 POLICE, if the situation does not cause fear. Put a protective cap on the fighting electrodes, and your personal Defender will not attract anyone’s attention. For others, it looks like a big electric flashlight. Turn it into a weapon, if necessary, you always have time.

The size of the YB-1188 body of the stunner Lightning (POLICE) makes it possible to place a large capacity battery in it. Being fully charged, it can remain in standby mode for almost two months.

In addition to the taser, the delivery kit includes a convenient carrying case with a clip for placing on the waist belt and an AC adapter-charge.

Buy an Taser-stunner-flashlight Lightning (POLICE) YB-1188 you can without much difficulty on our site popadiv10.ru. With him, you will significantly increase your self-esteem and rid yourself of fears for your life and health. In addition, it is an excellent gift for real men, including those who, by their activities, are associated with a certain risk.

Flashlight – stun gun POLICE 1101, certainly, the best in the ratio of price and quality, and you can buy it at a discount, in our online store, by clicking on the link (this text) .

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The most powerful Taser-flashlight

Taser with flashlights are by far the most popular devices for personal safety. They have gained such popularity due to their practicality. The lantern allows you to illuminate the road, reducing the risk of attack by intruders. But if this happens, then a powerful taser is used. Also, a ray of light can blind the enemy. This will give the opportunity to hit him with a taser, depriving him of even a single chance to attack. Flashlight-stun gun is the best option for self-defense.

Features of taser with a flashlight: to take or not to take?

Manufacturers of tasers are paying more attention to models with flashlights. This is due not only to the convenience for users. Today, the most powerful taser is always equipped with a flashlight. In such models, the voltage can reach several million volts.

Taser-flashlight have several undeniable advantages:

  • multifunctionality. The flashlight illuminates the road in the dark, and the stun gun protects from intruders;
  • reliability. The housings of modern tasers with lanterns are protected from impacts and falls. Some models are also equipped with bumpers, with which you can, for example, knock out the glass in the car;
  • convenience. Even the most powerful electric flashlight is designed in such a way that it is comfortable to sit in your hand. They impress with their ergonomics and convenient arrangement of buttons;
  • compactness. Stun gun with a flashlight fits easily into the pocket of a jacket, a bag or a city backpack. At the same time the device is always at hand and is ready to perform its basic functions – to protect the owner from the aggressors.

Should I choose an taser with a flashlight? Definitely yes. Such stun guns are indispensable both for girls trying to protect themselves from hooligans in the dark, and for truck drivers who may need a flashlight during road repair or force in emergency situations.

TOP-5 of the most powerful self-defense flashlight for ShopShoker

A wide variety of models allows you to choose a device that will suit you in every way. But if you are looking for the most powerful electric shoe lantern, then we have made for you the TOP-5 best representatives in this category.

  • Taser Lightning-1321. It is characterized by high power with modest dimensions. This first-class electric stun gun-flashlight is capable of putting the aggressor out of action for 50-60 minutes. He easily copes with clothes up to 5 cm. Coronal electrodes exclude the chance of misfiring, which makes it possible to neutralize the attacker without pressing the device tightly.
  • Taser Lightning YB-1318 (Marine X5). A powerful charge, instantly passing from one electrode to another, paralyzes the enemy. But not only does this make the Stun gun Marine X5 so effective. It is equipped with a powerful narrow-beam lantern, which can blind the enemy even in the daytime.
  • Taser Wasp-1203. The model received a new type of spark gap, which significantly increased its efficiency. The impact power also increased due to coronary electrodes. The disadvantages include large dimensions of thstun gun, but this is what gives it the opportunity to be the most powerful among models with a flashlight.
  • Taser 910A X-MEN. The device copes without problems even with a thick layer of clothing due to the substantial power and high current carrying capacity of the diodes. This is confirmed by multiple tests. During the check, the taser easily coped with the quilted jackets worn on thick sweaters. Also, the device is equipped with a lens with several modes of operation.
  • Taser Lightning-1312. The updated model received a higher power of 35,000 kV, while retaining its size. The shocker is made in a sealed case of aviation metal, so it does not fear a fall from the height and water. The lens has a zoom system and operates in three modes.

If you want to buy an effective device for self-defense with a flashlight, then you can get acquainted with a large number of models in the catalog of the online store of stun guns policetorch.net. Here: Lanterns-electroshockers we have collected the most powerful variants. You can find them by ticking “1 class”. Also you can always consult with our specialists. They compiled this TOP, based on their experience and feedback from visitors. We know everything about tasers!

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electric stun gun

The most powerful power stun guns for self-defense

Paralyzers are powerful stun gun with knockout action, capable of quickly and effectively neutralizing the enemy. They are very convenient to use and have high current strength, voltage and deep breakdown. With the help of a stunner, you can cut down a person for a few minutes. This time will be enough to escape or call the police.

Remember! The time of loss of consciousness depends on the location and duration of the strike, the thickness of clothing and the composition of the enemy.

Stun guns of class 1, as a rule, have large dimensions. This is necessary to accommodate a capacitive battery and current converters. Most often, the stun guns are made in the form of a baton or a flashlight, which increases their effectiveness in fights with opponents.

Features of the stun guns: how do they differ from conventional stun guns?

It is worth remembering that the most powerful stun guns for self-defense do not exceed the allowed threshold of 3 watts. This indicator can be either permanent or user configurable. The stun guns have several significant differences from other classes of tasers.

  • Large dimensions with low mass. Most models weigh about 350-400 grams. In doing so, they have a fairly aggressive design. The high power of the stun guns also contributes to the appearance of a loud “cod” during discharge. Therefore, to deter most of the hooligans, it is enough to show “weapons”;
  • built-in high capacity battery. On average, a full charge is sufficient to perform two hundred short beats. The capacity of the battery is also directly related to its capacity. The higher it is, the more effective the stun gun;
  • high power. A shock with a taser-stunner with a knockout action with 100% probability will lead to a prolonged loss of consciousness and paralysis of the opponent. The discharge easily manages even with thick winter clothes.

At the same time, the stun guns are completely legal. Their use in the territory of the Russian Federation does not require special permits.

Taser-stunner can not lead to death. Contrary to rumors, they are safe even in cases when the blow was inflicted on the heart area.

Top-5 most powerful stun guns for self-defense

If you are looking for the most powerful Taser stunner, our specialists have made the TOP-5 best models in this category. They were based not only on research and their rich experience, but also on numerous feedback from users.

  1. Stunner The stunner 1003. The device produces a powerful arc, capable of penetrating a layer of fabric up to 5 cm thick. Therefore, a winter jacket or a sheepskin coat will not become an obstacle. Also the stun gun has a light shockproof case, it is equipped with an anti-static system, a lantern and a siren.
  2. Stun gun Lightning YB-1120. One of the most powerful devices for self-defense on the Russian market. The stun gun produces a discharge of 100 million volts, which makes it possible to pierce clothes with a thickness of up to 4.5 cm. A blow in 3-5 seconds will suffice to cut down the enemy for 30 minutes.
  3. Taser – stunner X8. The device is characterized by the highest power and is able to break through the layer of clothing up to 3.5 centimeters. Therefore, even the thick sheepskin coat will not save the enemy. The stun gun has a sturdy casing, so it does not face damage even when falling from a five-meter height.
  4. Stun gun 1103 Police BL. The voltage at the electrodes is 10. 000 kV. This is the maximum allowed by law. The stun gun is made in a durable metal case in the form of a small flashlight. Despite its high power, it is compact and invisible, so it will become a very undesirable surprise for detractors.
  5. Stun gun Lightning YB-1119B. A powerful device produces a discharge of 10. 000 kV, which passes through 3 contacts. This allows you to neutralize the enemy for 10 minutes. The stun gun is made in a metal case and has a comfortable rubber grip. A bright lantern can be used to dazzle opponents.

For convenience, we collected the most powerful stun guns for self-defense in one section of the catalog: Tasers – stun guns. Here you can get acquainted with a large number of models, choosing the best option for cost, functions and efficiency. Do not know what to choose? Policetorch.net shop sellers are ready to tell in detail about the devices of interest from the point of view of the “price-quality”, “convenience-power” or “advantages-disadvantages” ratio.

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electric stun gun